Your Child Will Never Be ill With These 4 habits!


  • Cleanliness of hands reduces the fear of many diseases
  • Causes of common diseases like colds, flu
  • Do not wash hands properly

Talking about eating habits, outdoor games, while teaching children good habits, talk about cleaning hands often goes away. Research says that cleanliness of hands reduces the risk of many diseases. In addition to common diseases like colds, flu, there is also a major reason not to wash hands properly due to meningitis, bronchiolitis, hepatitis A and food poisoning. We are telling you some ways in which people can tell about cleaning hands.

1.Hand washing habit

Tell the children how often the hands should definitely wash. After cooking and after cooking, before eating, using the napkin or tissue paper, before and after taking care of the sick person, after applying or removing contact lens, working in soil or trees in the garden After, after touching the pets, after the use of the restile, after changing the children’s nappy. In addition to these works, there are many such activities in the day, where the quick wash immediately prevents diseases.

2.How to wash hands

Wash hands together with children. Tell them by themselves how to wash hands. First wash your hands with clean water. Rubbing hands with hands soap for about 20 seconds. After washing well with water, wipe the hands with clean towels. Moisture in hands can be the cause of infection, so keeping your hands clean is also important. If you are traveling, teach them to use the Alcoholic Hand Sanitizer.

3.Such is the cleaning

Simple soap and tap water are most suitable for hand washing. The soap does not kill jerks but during the washing process they get carried away. Good bacteria also die many times due to antibacterial soap. This reduces disease resistance. This is the reason why regular soaps are considered better for hand washing.

4.Use caution

If you are traveling with your children, keep in mind that after using the public toilet, they and you also wash your hands well. There are jerks on the toilet handle to the handle of the door. After the exit, the sanatorizer can be installed on the hands. Or take the tissue paper in hand and hold the handle of the door.