Do You Have Kidney Stone? So Take Care Of These 5 Things


  • Do you have kidney stones too?
  • Take care of these 5 things in Kidney Stone.
  • Kidney is the most important part of our body.

Kidney is the most important part of our body. Although naturally, kidneys are very strong limbs. But many times we are confused with kidney problems due to some of our mistakes and negligence. The importance of kidneys can be estimated from the fact that it is difficult for a person to survive without this organ, which acts as a blood filter. If you want to always be healthy then care of kidney is very important. The body of the kidneys is located just below the ribs in the middle of the back in our body. Their size is equal to our fists and they look like Rajma.

Kidney stone is a major disease

When the kidneys filter the blood, the remains of minerals, other than sodium and calcium, leave it in fine particles and reach the bladder through the urate, which emits from the body with urine. But when the amount of these elements increases in the blood sometimes, they accumulate in the kidneys and take shape like sand particles or pieces of stone, and this leads to blockage in the way of reaching urine to bladder.

Symptoms of kidney deterioration

Whenever a problem arises in someone’s kidney, his symptoms clearly appear in the body. It is a different matter that the person ignores them in an unknown way and sometimes due to negligence. Let’s know what are the symptoms of kidney damage. Fast pain in the stomach, frequent restlessness, pain in urinating, urination with urination, fever with shiver, lack of appetite, and jumping of breath are the main symptoms of kidney damage.

Treatment of Kidney Stone

Many times the problem of stone in the kidney does not take the name of the right from the drugs. But if the problem is not serious then it gets cured by medicines only. Despite this, the amount of calcium in the kidneys is more frequent. Due to which the stones become tough and surgery is needed to remove them. However, nowadays many new techniques like laparoscopy, uratoscopy have been developed besides surgery, with the help of which the stone can be easily removed and the patient has no problem.