Why Avoid Facebook? 7 Reasons!

Today Fb is 1 billion + registered user, i.e. every seventh man in the world is Fb pay and in all probability you will also be one of them. And FB will be using hobbies. But the thing to think about is that you use Fb; do overuse … or else somewhere you do it then its addict!

Let’s say to use means that you give less than 1 hour to Fb daily, and overuse means more than 1 hour. And yes, just by using it does not mean that you physically use it in front of system or using your smart phone in hand even if you think about Fb, then it will also count in time usage after all, so late Your mind is occupying space for you.

And if you are thinking that I am not an addict somewhere then look at these traits, if it is in you then you can become addict:

Your mind often keeps thinking about what comment you may have received on things posted, how many people have been hired.
You refresh the Facebook screen without any meaning, to see something new.
If you do not have internet access for a while, you can go to the cyber cafe to check the updates or phone the friend and ask.
You can also carry mobile or laptop in the toilet or use Fb
Before you go to bed, do good night to everyone, and wake up in the morning first see what reactions you have on your good night.
Now let me tell you about your use, on an average I use Fb less than 10 minutes daily, including time to think about Fb Yes, you can call it under use too. 🙂 In my opinion Ideally Fb should not be used for more than half an hour but still I have kept the over usage above 1 hour.

And now you talk about, how long do you use Fb?

Well, if this day is more than 1/2 hours then you are wasting your time, unless you are doing it purposefully. Purposefully means you are promoting your business, running a campaign for some social cause or doing some other meaningful work, it is worth to give your time in these cases.

1) Do you unknowingly give control of your happiness to others?

how ? Actually now your happiness starts to depend on how many people are doing your things, how many people are doing your pics on Fb, how many people are commenting on it … how are the comments … etc For instance you took a new look and his photo post … obviously you loved watching so much because you took it … but when Fb does not like more people like him and someone makes fun of him then you are unhappy. And the opposite is also true … you do not like anything but the other people say it well so you are happy … so in a way you give your FB control to your friends. I do not say that it happens with everyone, but it is so important that we are affected by these things somewhere.

These small tiny effects grow and we do not even know where we left our real self.

2) Do you see the blessings of others and your shortcomings?

People on Fb generally share the good things of their life … people tell good things to be done with them, their status is something like “My new machine”, “Lost in London” .. etc

In reality you do the same, but inwardly you know your statement, but in the case of others you see what they show to you, you see their new car but not the EMI coming along with it, You see the friend’s swanky office but not the tension you get with him. And when this happens, you begin to compare their happiness with their miseries and eventually begin to feel low.

Due to Fb, the number of people going to depression is increasing day by day, just beware that you too do not have it.

3) Real Friends and Relationships suffer:

Many times people very proudly say, “I have 500 friends on Fb …” I am sure half of them pass in front and they will not even recognize them. In fact, our friends at Fb are less and acquaintances are much more. Well this is not a bad thing … but if we give more or less fake relationships more than required, then somewhere we compromise the time we should give to our family and friends. I know our close friends and relationships are also Fb, but on frankly speaking Fb they also become like ordinary people to us, because Fb is like a crowd … and there is no face of the crowd …. Had … like done, commented and went forward …. Paying attention to Individuals is not only in the soul of Fb.

4) You seem to communicate mainly by addicts:

Perhaps you might have heard about Pareto principle … This principle says that 20% of the things are responsible for 80% of things.

For eg. 80% of any company’s sales are due to 20% of customers.

Something similar happens to Fb … 80% of the updates are made by 20% people … and you keep getting linked to them again and again … and basically these are the only addict kind of people who just stick to Fb . And interacting with such people can seldom tell you things about work. These are mostly waste of time only.

5) You are confused about being socially active and the reality is the opposite:

Many people start to understand themselves socially active, and by taking hi-bye to friends, they understand their role. Slowly it becomes completely mechanical … you do Fb pay hi but when you meet in college or office with the same friend do not even react … it is like your online presence matters but your own present is worthless Ho .

And when you behave like this, people begin to avoid you, and you start to think of something fake. That is, you feel that you are in touch but on the contrary you lose your touch.

6) There is a bad effect on your health:

Being engaged on FB can lead to both physical and mental problems. Your eyes may get weak, you may have spondylitis by sitting in the wrong posture. And the danger of going into depression is always there.


7) You put the most energetic days of your life in lazy entertainment:

People who use Fb use demography are the youngest of teens and twenties. If you are out of this age group then this point is not applicable to you.

That time of teenage and twenties is life when there is no shortage of energy in you … It is always thought that why God gives you the most energy at this time … because it is our life making years …. There is a lot to do … .. The challenge of raising the load or the responsibility of the home … the ability to choose your career and beat the competition … The desire to go through some of your heart and hear it … Naka hand pause that stubborn … and it requires energy to all … should energy; but unfortunately use over Fb to invest it in the wrong place. Where they have such important work to do, they sit in a corner, and in, most of the cases lie down … These energetic days of their life are planted in a completely unproductive thing.

Friends Finally, I would like to say that Fb is like a noise-filled mall … if you spend some time here, it will be good to see you. But if they start living in the house then your life will become deaf in the noise of others’ voice. Do not let him be deaf … .take your energy into something big, some valuable, something superb and when you do this, your work will do just like your friends, not just your friends, and the above comment will, ” gr8 job my son ”

All the best!