10 Big Losses Due To Masturbation Addiction!

Today the number of young people in our country is higher than in other countries. If the youth of our country succeeds in our life, then our country will become the richest country in the world. But the sad thing is that most of our youth in our country are engaged in mischief in our life today. If someone is addicted, then there is a lot of addiction.One such addiction is masturbation (Hastmaithun). Which is the fastest growing addiction in teens and youth today. This addiction was also in the old times, and due to this, it is not going to get corrected corrected information. Due to this addiction many young people are ruining their lives today.

We have published 25 articles on Nayichetana.Com for leaving the addiction of masturbation (Hastmaithun), which is the most popular Hindi article taught on this subject on the Internet. This article is read millions of times in a month, which shows how young today is troubled by this addiction and wants to get out of it.Friends! I am glad that through this article, thousands of youth have benefited today and they have got rid of this addiction. If you have not read this article yet, read it once.

Today in this article we are sharing with you 10 big losses due to masturbation (Hastmaithun). You will be able to know about the loss of Hastmaithun by reading. Masturbation Every person learns from another person and gradually this habit changes into a bad addiction that becomes a serious problem for the person over time.