Tips To Improve Dry S3X During Pregnancy

Fear of pregnancy is not only for females but also to men. Therefore, everybody has to do this by taking security from the intercourse. Whereas condoms are safe only up to 97%. In the remaining three percent cases, there is a possibility of being pregnant even after using condoms. So if you want to avoid conceiving, then dry sex is a better solution for you. But some people complain that dry sex is not fun. Women can not reach partner organisms, etc.

If you have problems here too, then follow these specific tips given in this article. These special tips will make your dry sex fun. During this time you will reach the organism and will also enjoy full enjoyment of sex, also without worrying about pregnancy.

Do not be ashamed
Do not shy away from talking to partner about this if you do more dry sex. Because the most problem in dry sex is that women do not reach the organism. While male bleaches easily reach the organism. In a situation where women are not able to reach orgasm in dry sex, tell your partner. So that your partner can do some more to help you organize. This will allow both of you to enjoy sex a lot.

Foreplay with this organ
Men should follow up with Clitris to get women partner to organize. Apart from this, women also reach dry-up regularly with dry humping.

Keep wearing underwear
Dry sex is to have fun, so do the same sex in real. Only do not take underwear during this time. So that when the fluid is discharged it should not be in the vagina. But this does not mean that you wear clothes and have sex. This means that you have to wear only underwear and wearing only underwear which will remain in the underarm underwear.
Do not forget to foreplay
If you have to enjoy dry sex, do not leave foreplay. Because there is a plethora of foreplay and no penetration in the intercourse and outcourse. In this way, you will be able to enjoy sex full and there will be no danger of being pregnant.