Amazing facts about human brain

Human brain is an important part of the body as well as an excellent form of nature. Let’s know some of the unique facts related to the brain

1.The brain is about 2% of our body but it consume 20% of total oxygen and blood
The color of 40% of the brain is gray and 60% of the rest is white in color.

2.The left side of our brain controls the speaking and the left side of the birds’ mind controls their Twitter.

3.The brain gets active within about 7-8 minutes of drinking alcohol and we start to get intoxicated
While awaking, our brain releases energy from 10 to 24 watt which can run an electric bulb.

4.The human brain is made up of more than 75% of the water.
Our growth is more than night rather than day of growth. This is due to our weakened pituitary gland which releases growth hormone at bedtime.
The human brain increases by up to 95% till the age of 5 years and reaching the age of 18, the full 100% develops, and then it stops developing further.