Benefits of Eating Onion

Raw onion, which is eaten as a salad with food, is very good for our health. Sandwich, salad or lick, onion doubles the taste of everyone. If you fear that eating onions will cause stink, then after eating eat a fresh freshener or brush, but eat the onions. Diet experts believe it is very useful in removing sexual impairment. Onion is a cheap and accessible option for the promotion and conservation of sexual power. Let us now tell you about some of the similar uses and qualities of onion that you can get rid of many problems.

Nutrients found in 100 grams of onionsĀ 

Protein 1.2 g carbohydrate 11.1 Vitamin 15 mg

Fat 0.1 g calcium 46.9 mg Vitamin 11 mg

Mineral 0.4 g phosphorus 50 mg Calories 50 mg

Fiber 0.6 g iron 0.7 mg Water 86.6 g

1. Remove constipation

Fibers present on the onion are very beneficial for the stomach. Constipation is removed by eating onions. If you are suffering from constipation then start eating raw onion everyday.

2. Erase the sore throat

If you are suffering from cold, cough or soreness, then drink fresh onion juice. Adding jaggery or honey, it is more beneficial to drink.

3. End the bleeding problem

If the nose bleeding, then chop the onion and smell. Also if you have problems with Piles then start eating white onions.

4. Diabetes Treatment

Eating onions daily produces insulin. If you are diabetic, eat it as a daily salad with food.

5. End Heart-related Diseases

Raw onion controls blood pressure. It contains methyl sulphide and amino acids. That’s why it keeps cholesterol under control and protects the heart from diseases.

6. Correct Anemia

By eating onion a day, the lack of blood is removed.

Green onion is also rich in properties

1. Eating green onions have many advantages. It maintains lower cholesterol levels. It has anti-bacterial properties. Due to anti-bacterial properties, it also improves digestion by eating it. There is chromium in green onion.

2. Eating green onions increases immunity power. Green onion removes wrinkles in the face. Eating it increases the eyesight The green onion maintains macronutrients. Onions also contain anti-inflammatory and anti-histamine properties. That is why it is beneficial for arthritis and asthma patients.

Other medicinal uses of onion

1. By taking 3 spoon of onion juice and one teaspoon honey, relief from menstrual irregularity and pain during that time. In the summer onion should be eaten everyday. This will save you from getting hurt. Mixing onions and juice of mustard oil in equal quantity gives relief in arthritis pain.

2. Mixing ghee in 3-4 spoon juice of onion increases strength by drinking it. By mixing sugar in the juice of onions, taking empty stomach, the stone gets out of the body with urine. Consume it only once a day. If there is a problem of hemorrhoids, take 4/5 spoon juice of onion mixed with sugar and water regularly, blood will stop coming. By applying neem leaf juice and onion juice in the same amount on the wound, the wound gets filled soon. Mix curd, basil juice and lemon juice in onion juice and apply it in the hair. It stops the fall of hair and also gets rid of the problem of Russian.

3. If the patient of Hysteria becomes unconscious, then he will crack the onions. With this, the patient comes into the senses immediately.

4. Onions are very effective to get rid of hair fall problem. Massage of onion juice on the hair stops hair fall. In addition, on the use of the onion coating, the hair that turns white in the early age becomes dark again.

5. If the urine stops, take two spoons of onion juice and wheat flour to make halwa. Applying paste on the stomach by warming the pudding begins urination. By boiling onion water, drinking water also eliminates urinary problems. Onion or onion is relieved when cold or cold. Onion is very beneficial in rheumatism. Mix the mustard oil and onion juice and massage it, it will be beneficial. Onions are also used on many other normal physical problems such as cataracts, headaches, ear pain and snake bite. The onion paste is beneficial in fatty acridges.

6. Mixing onion juice with mustard oil, massage on joints gives relief in joint pain. It is believed that it is very beneficial to try this recipe for two months continuously. The mixture of onion juice and salt reduces the swelling of the gums and toothache. If the tribal beekkhi or wasp of patalakot is cut, then put onions juice on the wound. The seeds of onion grind in vinegar and apply it in herpes-itch and itching.

7. It is beneficial to take honey with white onion juice for semen. Impotency is removed by taking a mixture of white onion juice, honey, ginger juice and ghee for 21 consecutive days. After getting cough, litter mixing mixed with onion juice gives benefits. Grind onion and mix jaggery and increase the semen.

8. Soak 100 grams of celery dry on white onion juice and dry it. After drying, repeat this process. Do this three times. Make a fine powder on drying. Now take this powder with five grams of ghee and five grams of sugar. Taking this yoga for twenty one days gives relief from the problem of premature ejaculation. Pack a kilogram of onion juice, one kilo of honey and half a kilo sugar into the compartment. Regularly take this amount of fifteen grams regularly for one month. Using this yoga, sexual diversity increases.

9. Make a paste by mixing half a kilo urad of black pulse in a juice of onion juice. Grind it by mixing it with one kg of onion juice and grind it again. Cook this paste with ten grams in buffalo milk and drink it and add sugar and drink it. Consuming this yoga for 30 days regularly consumes morning and evening weakness is removed and libido is increased.