Psychology of Depression

Nowadays, every fourth person is becoming a victim of depression in a runaway life. Depression often lasts only for a short time, sometimes this depression takes a terrible appearance. A person suffers from depression related illness, sometimes it hinders the person’s everyday life and its functioning or causes the misery of the people of that person.


The situation of depression occurs when we start thinking about negative aspects of every aspect of life. When this situation reaches the peak, then the person starts to feel useless and gradually reaches the position of human depression. Due to anxiety and stress, the level of many hormones in the body increases, in which adrenaline and cartilage (cortisol) are major. The state of stress and anxiety (tension) changes in depression i.e. depression.

Psychiatric symptoms

1 continue to worry
2 healthy to worry about
3 negative thoughts come
4 misleading ideas
Do not feel like work at 5
6 nature must be tempered
7 short on minor matters Anger
8 illusion
9 Changes in mood
10 to be treated like idiots
11 alone
12 Bad dreams come
13 Do not be happy
14 to take the stress
15 monosyllables
16 agoraphobia

Physical symptoms

1 headache
2 heart trembling
3 Difficult to swallow
4 vomiting
Go bathroom 5 times
6 yellowing
7 shortness of breath
8 dizziness
9 muscle pain
10 heart beat
11 body piercing
12 perspiration
13 less blood pressure
14 exhaustion

Treatment of Depression 

At the time of depression, the human being thinks that nothing in his life will change, and that person will accept his defeat. So let’s know how you can get relief from negative thoughts and reduce depression.

Remove attention from 1 case
In this plan or strategy, the person withdraws his attention to the situation or the problem and tries to keep himself busy in other work. It also discourages thinking of the problem that gives peace to the person

2. Know the Reasons for Depression

If you want to get rid of the depression, try to know the reason for the depression. After that, you can write it down. Think again what is the solution to this problem? If possible, start acting as soon as possible.

3. Do not take the tension of the Future

“What will happen tomorrow” encourages problems, so always live in today because the present is the reality and keep trying to make it better. Doing so will make your future self-correct. Our every day and every moment teaches us some new things and teaches us to deal with problems and problems.

4. screaming
Some people start screaming loudly to overcome the frustration, stress, etc. caused by defeat. This is the best way to overcome stressful situations or excruciating conditions. Psychologists also consider screaming in a tense situation as a good technique

5. Songs to Listen
To overcome stress or pressure, there is a good technique or plan that the person should listen to songs. This reduces the stress and the person feels refreshed

6. emotions come out
In everyday life, one can come under stress due to any problem, in such a way, this method or device is very useful, that the person interacts with other people like friends, brothers, sisters, etc., It gets lighter and tension gets reduced because the emotions emanate in his mind

7. Do not consume drugs
Often, people use alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, etc. to reduce stress, so that they get away from that situation for a while, but gradually they become a serious addiction that creates a new tension. That’s why people should stay away from it.


8. Remove depression from pranayam

If you want to be free from tension and depression, do daily pranayama. With this yoga tension, stress and depression are low and intellect is sharp.
9. Learn the art of laugh

Laughter reduces stress levels and our muscles get relief. This increases the feel factor and increases the amount of endarman hormones and makes us feel relaxed.


10. Get rid of loneliness

Loneliness is one of the biggest causes of depression. If a person suffers from depression in your family, then spend time with them as much as possible. Often, the idea of ​​suicidalism in the people is more often in depression, so spend time with the person as much as possible.


At the same time, there are many NGOs who help people who are depressed. You can call them and answer your problems.

24 × 7 Helpline: 022-27546669 – aasra foundation

In the end, we will again say that people keep covering their psychological problems. They feel that after telling their problems they will become the subject of joke which is wrong. This attitude gives rise to the problem instead of reducing the problem. If you or someone around you has had depression too, then it must be of any psychologist or psychiatrist. It can be treated very easily in a psychological way.

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